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Upcoming Hikes

Guided Climb

Saturday, 1 August 2020

Experienced guide Moira Thompson will take participants on a guided hike of Mt Walsh, Biggenden.




Book a Group Hike

Want to book a group hike?

An organised, guided group hike is a great team building exercise! Group hikes are also perfect for school excursions.

Full or half day hikes available. 

Enjoy the camaraderie of a shared adventure. 

Take in the scenery during a water hike or a sunset/sunrise experience.

The Mt Walsh National Park and Coalstoun Lakes area is rich with history, culture and nature. 

Bird watching, group hikes, team building exercises and introduction to bush walking hikes are all available on request. 


Suitable for beginners and experienced bush walkers alike. 

Booking a group hike is as simple as contacting Moira via phone on 0458 365 051.

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Moira Thompson

Mobile: 0458 365 051

Email: experience.altitude@gmail.com

Postal Address: PO Box 158, Biggenden Q 4621