Mt Walsh National Park (12,000ha), Mt Woowoonga National Park and

Coalstoun Lakes National Park (volcanic craters) are all within 10-20 minutes from Biggenden



Moira is a qualified Bushwalking Guide with over 30 years experience.

  • Risk Assessment conducted prior to all hikes 

  • 30 years experience of exploration and guiding in local national parks 

  • Diploma of Outdoor Recreation and Diploma of Youth Work 

  • School Chaplain for ten years at local school working with youth

  • All hikes registered with Emergency Services, Police, Fire, Ambulance and SES

  • Local emergency services are experienced in mountain rescue

  • Current First Aid 

  • Epirb on all hikes

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Moira is a qualified Bushwalking Guide with over 30 years experience. She has a lifelong love and enthusiasm for the Australian outdoors.

Moira is the daughter of the late Harry and Claudia Frauca of Bundaberg, Qld. Harry was a pioneer in environmental awareness through his many books and articles on Australian wildlife.



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Students’ comments about

how they felt on the summit

of mountain:

“Like I could do anything; like a king; excited; felt good and proud; proud; cold and happy; tired, happy and a bit worried; time to celebrate; free; great; good”

“Glad that I pushed myself and that I could do it; high as a kite; amazing; in awe and proud”.

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Adult Reviews

“Go with Moira Thompson. She sure is a fantastic guide”.


“We all had a wonderful time”. Sunshine Coast Camino Group